“Walking in the Light of the Lord” is the Liturgical Arts Team theme for Fall 2016. We look forward to celebrations for the church, Nibs, Hispanic Heritage and Native American Heritage Months, and Advent.

The liturgical color is GREEN, symbolizing natural growth. It’s a reminder of how we grow in faith together as we learn stories from the Bible and each other.

September begins with Rally Day, kicking off our Sunday School classes and new worship schedule. Look around for what is new and what is familiar in our sanctuary.

Mid-September begins Hispanic Heritage Month, and we will share fabric and gifts that folks have brought us over the years. Our 95th Church Anniversary will be a grand occasion to see and hear tales of the founding of Oakhurst Presbyterian Church. Look for old pictures, gifts from those who have been here, and visions for our new journey together.

Thanks to Deborah Thomas and Pam Giles for our new 95th Anniversary banner—look around at the others created by Deborah. Thanks as well to C.J. Evans for our new pulpit parament.

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