Supper Club: Listen to the Lambs by Daniel Omotosho Black
Saturday, June 10

The author will be with us in Jefferson Fellowship Hall to discuss the book. Start reading now and join us!

Listen to the Lambs follows the story of Lazarus Love III, who leaves a lifestyle of affluence and social status – and his wife and children – to find peace, silence, and freedom of the soul living as a homeless man. But a shocking, brutal act leaves Lazarus in a dire position and those around him must struggle to save him, as they learn about redemption and sacrificial love.

Daniel Omotosho Black is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, yet spent the majority of his childhood years in Blackwell, Arkansas. He was granted a full scholarship to Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he majored in English. He was awarded the Oxford Modern British Studies Scholarship and studied abroad at Oxford University, Oxford, England. Upon graduation from Clark College (magna cum laude in 1988), he was granted a full graduate fellowship to Temple University in pursuit of a Ph.D. in African-American Studies.

Completing this phase of his academic career in 1993, with Sonia Sanchez as one of his dissertation advisers, Dr. Black returned to his alma mater in order to help establish the tradition of top-notch scholars who publish and remain at historically Black institutions. As a tenured associate professor, he now aims to provide an example of young African Americans of the importance of self-knowledge and communal commitment.

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