In June, we’ll explore what it means to be church. We got a running start on this when, on May 21, we celebrated Deacons’ Sunday with deacons Meredith Gordon, Kathy Hill, and Micah Lipscomb offering testimony in a proclamation entitled “Church Is a Verb.” Because that day was also Teacher Appreciation Sunday, it was a perfect time to note how our devoted educators actively live out their faith!

What an excellent prologue to the Day of Pentecost! Landing on June 4 this year, Pentecost is when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ followers 50 days after the Resurrection of Christ. Chapter 2 of the Book of Acts describes how a rush of wind came from heaven and something that looked like flames rested upon all the people, enabling them to understand one another even though they were speaking different languages—what an experience! And what a vision for the world, for the Church, for Oakhurst Presbyterian, and for each of us. On June 4, please dress in the colors of Pentecost’s flames so that the people of OPC can participate in the imagery that our Liturgical Arts Team will create in the sanctuary.

On June 11, one of our clergy affiliates, Ted Smith, associate professor of preaching and ethics at Candler, will be guest preacher. After worship, the entire congregation is encouraged to stay for brunch during which the Momentum Team will present the work they’ve done with our session drawing upon your input to create a vision for OPC’s future. This event will include a fascinating exercise to help each of us identify our spiritual gifts, an important step in discerning how you can—with greatest effectiveness and greatest fulfillment—contribute to this church we love.

For the last two weeks of June, I’ll be teaching at the Worship and Music Conference in Montreat, North Carolina. By allowing me this time of service to the larger Church, OPC is contributing to our connectional, relational denomination. I’ll be working amid roughly 1600 people from all over the country and beyond—all ages, colors, orientations. I’m grateful that another of our clergy affiliates, Reggie Avant, will preach on the one Sunday when I cannot be here.

So, June takes us from the Church’s birth to our particular church’s future, from what you can do to what your clergy can do. And remember, for June-August, worship starts at 10:00 and there is no Sunday School.

See you at church!


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