During Lent, the Liturgical Arts Team invites you to include prayer, study, and service as we walk with Jesus to the cross. The Liturgical color is purple. We are walking to Jerusalem to be with Jesus and the followers on Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday.

On Palm Sunday, you are invited to travel with Jesus by walking the Stations of the Cross along the windowsills of the sanctuary. Begin at the first window on the East Lake Drive side for Station 1 of the Lord’s Supper (which includes a drawing by Fred Wise). Follow the numbered pictures around the sanctuary. On the communion table will be selected symbols of Holy Week. What do you see?

As you read and study the final chapters of each of the Gospels think about the symbols you see during worship. On Palm Sunday, our children will bring in the Jesus that Virginia Gailey made many years ago and will wave palm branches as we welcome the beginning of Holy Week.

Thanks to Paula Couch for making our wooden cross and to Michelle Willis for the beautiful purple quilt she gave the church many years ago.

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