“Honest conversations.” That’s how Charlie Copp responded when Leigh asked him what he values most at Oakhurst. From that grew an idea that she took to Susan Hylen last May: Could we use some Christian Ed time for a series of honest congregational conversations? Susan agreed to set aside October for a combined adult Sunday School class. When Heather came aboard, she inherited the idea and has built the “I Am” conversations. Over the five Sundays of October, adult ed class time will focus on who we are as we look to the past and the present and continue to move into the future.

As Oakhurst goes through this time of transition, how can we answer the question, “Who are we?” in a way that will spur us to action? The Gospel of John records seven “I am” statements from Jesus that are not just adjectives that tell us who Jesus is—they involve action. For example: “I am the resurrection” is not just a description of Jesus, but also the action of our redemption.

OPC’s Momentum Plan used your input to declare that this congregation wants to continue to “embrace diversity in race, ethnicity, income, ability, life experience, age, family status, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.” So, how do we do that and share that with visitors, new members, and even pastor candidates?

Each October Sunday will use an “I am” statement to guide our time together as we share honest conversation around the question, “Who is Oakhurst Presbyterian?” We will start to take words like “diversity” and unpack them into language that reflects our community and its actions through the lens of Jesus’ “I am” statements.

Each week will have different topics and leaders from the congregation, so we hope you will attend to support your fellow Oakhurst members as we continue the labor and adventure of transition.

Heather and Leigh

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