Oakhurst’s Pastor Nominating Committee
L – R: Jami Moss Wise, Kathy Hill, Alan Ashe, Andrew Marti, Loretta Jefferson (Moderator), Craig Wilson, Anne Starks

Updated February 2, 2018

The Pastor Nominating Committee took a big step in January. Our Ministry Information Form (MIF) was approved by the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta and submitted to our Session for approval. (The MIF is a detailed outline of the position’s requirements.) Once our ruling elders have had the opportunity to study it, the final document will be posted to the denomination’s Church Leadership Connection, where we will be matched with applicants and can begin a review of candidates.

Please direct PNC-specific questions to Loretta Jefferson, Moderator of the PNC, or to one of the committee members: Alan Ashe, Kathy Hill, Andrew Marti, Ann Starks, Craig Wilson, or Jami Moss Wise. Although Pastor Leigh is not on the committee, she is available to answer questions about the process.

The PNC will meet again once approval of the MIF is complete. Please pray for the PNC as they work to discern God’s call.

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