Moderator of Session, Rev. Katie Ricks

Associate Pastor, Rev. Heather Chase 

Clerk of Session, Mary Smarr

Ruling elders, together with ministers of the Word and Sacrament, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships.

For more information about any of these committees, or if you would like to join one, please contact Cheryl at

Building and Grounds - Facility Management

Addresses ongoing maintenance of and improvements to the church physical plant, including accessibility. Chris Beck and Dorrie Toney.

Outreach Committee - Brady Bennett, David Travillion

The Outreach Committee conveys Oakhurst’s vision to our world. We serve our neighborhood by lifting up people in need of assistance. Through our website, projects, and events, members show the face of Oakhurst to the wider community. So, if you’re looking for ways to make a difference in the world, Outreach is definitely the team for you!

Plans and facilitates church activities to which the community is invited. (Oakhurst Players, Gospel Fest, Porch Fest, Love Supreme)

Creates and maintains the electronic face of the church (Log, Website)

Assists the stewardship committee with annual campaign.

Determine new outreach efforts that focus on community needs and that fit Oakhurst mission.

Peacemaking and Justice 

Engages the congregation in advocacy and education on human rights (voting rights, LGBTQ+ issues, women rights, etc.) and justice (prison, refugees and sanctuary ministries, affordable housing, hunger, racial justice, etc.) and global missions, including the Peacemaking and Global Witness Offering. Supports Presbytery Partnerships. 

Subcommittees include 1) CreationWise; promotes the stewardship of God’s creation through sustainable practices in our church and in our lives with a focus on environmental justice issues; 2) Race, Ethnicity & Diversity (RED) Team; affirms the power of diversity and community; and 3) Reparations Working Group; considers what we are called to do as a congregation and supports individual members in discernment about reparations.  Charlie Copp and Mary Smarr, co-chairs

Worship Music, Video & Sound, Special Offerings, Ushers, Liturgical Arts

Works with pastoral staff in planning Sunday worship and special occasions; coordinates Lent and Advent meditations; maintains sanctuary supplies and equipment. Includes the Liturgical Arts. Chair: Paula Couch. The Liturgical Arts team regularly meets on Wednesdays, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and are a sub-committee of the Worship Committee.

Christian Education

Sunday/Saturday school, library, nursery - Elementary School, Faith Formation Groups

Christian Formation, led by David Travillion, Brady Bennett and Pastor Heather, is a life-long process of faith development that includes various components of christian education and discipleship experiences. In the summer of 2018, the Christian Education committee decided to develop a comprehensive and sequential program for Oakhurst Presbyterian’s Sunday morning classes. Out of this came this scope & sequence approach with the goal to provide a structure that builds a strong faith foundation for children and youth and offers intentional programs for faith development for wider Oakhurst Presbyterian community, regardless of changing clergy and lay leadership.

The design for this approach focuses on creating a framework for different age group clusters that address five main themes:

- Bible Literacy/Study/Interpretation

- Social Justice & Cultural Awareness

- Spirituality Practices

- Liturgy & Worship

- Community Building

Finance and Business - Contracts, Technology, Stewardship, Budget, Audit, Personnel, OneChurch Software. Room/Building Rental, Phoenix School

There are currently 6 teams that do the work of this session committee.

Budget Team - Dennis Hollis

Audit Team - Chris Brown

Personnel Team -Dorrie Toney

Administration Team -

Stewardship Team - Jennifer Kimball

Counters - Virginia Richards

Member Nurture Congregational Care, Coffee Hour, Church anniversary (Oct 2), Hospitality, Prayer Group, Dinners, Seniors

Suzette Gooch and Magnolia Walker

Youth Middle and High School - vacant


Deacons led by Deborah Carter and Kim Hightower, organize or respond to the following members’ situations as they occur, and also involve other church members who may be especially close to the families in need. 

Other Groups

Gospel Ensemble Contact director Rev. Dr. Lisa Allen-McLaurin. 

The Gospel Ensemble is a group of singers who sing a wide range of music with a primary focus on composers of color, traditional, hymns, anthems, spirituals, and gospels both old and new. Join this spirited group and use your voice to honor God.

The Chancel Ensemble Contact director Matt Wauchope,

The Chancel Ensemble is a group of singers who come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds. Our repertoire encompasses an eclectic selection from many genres and styles including Classical, contemporary, country, and folk. They sing on the first and third Sundays of the month, and on other special occasions. Although many of the members read music, it is not a requirement. What is needed is a desire for fellowship and to have fun singing.