February Event Recap
Are We Marching Backwards?
February 26, 2017
Guest Speaker: Attorney Mawuli Davis
On February 26th, 2017, the Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity (RED) Team at Oakhurst Presbyterian Church hosted the event “Are we Marching Backwards? Racial and Social Justice in our Current National Discourse.”

The event was the concluding program for Black History Month, and we welcomed local civil rights attorney Mawuli Davis to speak.

Attorney Davis, the President of the Beacon Hill Chapter of the NAACP in Decatur, challenged us to remember the long history of racism in America and its lasting effects. He spoke to our leading question by saying that the march for equity and justice has been a constant struggle and that the current national discourse on race and diversity only brings this, again, more sharply into the light.

He asked us to think about the role we can play in bringing about equity and justice along racial, economic, and diversity fronts. “Our children will say one day, what was your role mom? What was your role dad?”

Attorney Davis also spoke directly about the City of Decatur saying, “I am hopeful about what we are going to be able to do in the City of Decatur. We have everything we need. Our city is small enough. We have committed, loving people, and we’re ready!”

May we listen closely to this call in Decatur and in our greater communities to work toward racial justice in our lives, in our schools, and in our work.