Christine was born in Sandersville, Georgia, but had moved to Washington, DC, and was teaching second grade in Arlington, Virginia, in August 1963. She was very involved in the civil rights movement, had marched in other protests in Washington, and had considered joining the Freedom Riders in the previous year.

Although Christine was part of the movement, she could not be there that day. It was a weekday, and the teaching staff was not allowed to go by the city’s school supervisors, upon threat of losing their jobs if they were not at work. It was a time of some tension, as the city had just integrated the schools, and each school was required to have an African-American teacher.

Christine did have friends who attended the march, many of whom were concerned about the potential for violence. It was not clear in the days leading up to the march that it would be peaceful, or even successful.

Christine had a long, 17-year career teaching in Washington, followed by another 17 years teaching in Atlanta.