On Jan. 22, 2017, we had a large group meeting organized by our RED (Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity) Committee at Oakhurst. We heard from four of our own members — Kathy Hill, Elizabeth Wilson, Anne Hughes, and Christine Callier — who were responding to these questions:

  • What similarities do you see in the current conversations/actions on race and diversity to the conversations/actions on race and diversity from previous decades?
  • What differences do you see?
  • What are some specific exp eriences in your life, when the climate on race and diversity was particularly dark, that brought you hope for stronger sisterhood, brotherhood and change?
  • What ideas from your past, or new ideas for the future, can you think of, to give us steps for continuing to address racial, ethnic, and diversity injustices?

Respondents talked about past experiences that shaped their outlook on racial injustice and areas in which progress must still be made, including affordable housing, equitable standards for education, and continued integration in neighborhoods and schools. Though the winds of our political climate have changed and our elected government will push policies that get in the way of progress for these issues, we learned that there are yet glimmers of hope for us as community members to put pressure on our local county and state representatives to make real changes.

Please join us for our next discussion on Sunday, Feb. 26 at 9:45-10:45am where we will continue our conversations, this time around the question, “Are we marching backwards?”